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About Bailey

Woof! I’m Bailey! I came to my furever home back in November of 2020 (yes, I’m a pandemic pup). My furever home wasn’t always my furever home though. From what my hoomans say, here’s the story of how I came to be their furbaby.

I was born end of May / beginning of June (no one really knows) and a coworker of dad’s adopted me from Burlington County Animal Alliance at the end of August. I don’t really know why, but they ended up looking to rehome me (no hard feelings!). Well, anywho, dad came home one day and asked mom if she wanted a dog. Well duh, mom has always wanted a dog since her pup Mo passed away years ago and dad wanted another pup since his Allie passed away. Dad had his coworker send him a picture, and let’s just say mom fell in love with me. I mean, I’m cute and adorable (so says everyone I meet at PetSmart).

Mom and Dad came to meet me, and as they say, the rest is history. A few days later, mom and dad came and took me to my furever home. I have to admit, at first I was a little skeptical, but I am so loved and spoiled here. I mean, I’m allowed on the furniture, I have a fenced in yard with doggie neighbors and chimkin! Did I tell you I love chimkin?!

My furever family Photo: Tami & Ryan Photography

A lil bit more about me. I’m cute. And adorable. I love people and I will come up to you for pets. My paperwork from my first vet says I’m a beagle terrier mix, but no one sees beagle in me. The hoomans said they are going to do something called a dna test to determine what I really am. I’ll update with what I truly am once the results are back in. Any guesses?

Oh, I love my hoodad. He takes me on walkies and let’s me steal his food when he’s not looking.

I have officially become a window dog. I love sitting in the window and Grandmaw and Grandpaw’s and on the table at my house.

I also love visiting Grandma and Grandpa with Dad. The first week I was here, I actually spent the week with them and Aunt D because mom and dad had to get the house puppy proofed. Oh, I am also a drama queen. I wasn’t even in my furever home 72 hours when mom and dad had to take me to the emergency vet because I hurt my foot. They waited for over 3 hours in the car for me, just so the vet could tell them I was okay and was no longer limping. Sorry for testing ya guys, but ya passed my test, you truly do care about me.