Hi Pups (and hoomans)!

Last week I celebrated my first birthday! The hoomans got me presents and a pup-friendly birthday pie! I didn’t know what to do with myself! As usual, all the attention was on me, and I loved it! Even Grandmaw and Grandpaw came to visit.

Although my first birthday was on a weekday and hoomom and hoodad had to go to work, they made sure we celebrated starting from the moment they woke up. I got extra hugs and pets, but they made me wait for gifts until after dinner. That was kinda rude of them in my opinion. Anywho…back to my day. I lounged and slept in my favorite spot until lunchtime when mom came home to see me and give me lunchtime pets. She may or may not have given me an extra treat 🙂 Then she had to go back to work 🙁 I spent the afternoon lounging in my favorite room patiently waiting for mom and dad to get home so the real festivities could begin.

Let the First Birthday Festivities Begin!

Dad gave me my favorite for dinner…chimkin. I mean, what pup doesn’t love chimkin?! After dinner, Grandmaw and Grandpaw stopped by to give me my gifts! A bag of my favorite treats and a new toy, which I waited to destroy until after they left. Once the hooman grandpawrents left, the hooman pawrents gave me even more gifts! They got me another (!) bag of my favorite hamburger treats and socks!!!!!!!! I love socks, socks are my absolute favorite!!!!! Mom also got my this nifty squeaky cake, which I also sent to the pet toy cemetery.

First Birthday Bonanza Aftermath

The hoomans spoil me everyday and my first birthday was no exception! I never knew what a birthday was before now, except that it was a special day and I got a special dinner. Now I know what a birthday is and I can’t wait until my ext one. Hoodad even said something about pup-friendly ice cream as a summer treat?! This pup can’t wait to be spoiled some more!!!!!